In Unit 5, you began the exploration of theory bases for your ethical dilemma. In this unit, you will expand on this, presenting a more complete view of the theory bases on ethics in public administration and how they help you to decide about a course of action.

For this assessment:

    • Submit your mindmap of ethical theories as an attachment.
    • In a separate 1-page Word document, discuss how your thinking has evolved since Unit 5 on the theory bases that apply to your ethical dilemma.
    • In about 5 pages of this same paper, analyze the three to four specific theory bases that you believe will help you the most in finding a solution to your ethical dilemma.

Remember to use at least 15 peer-reviewed sources overall (other additional sources as required), cite all sources appropriately, and use the approved APA format for the paper portion of this assignment.

1.      Evaluates the evolution of own thinking on the application of theory to ethical practice.

2.      Synthesizes the appropriateness of a variety of databases to a specific ethical dilemma scenario

3.    Demonstrates exemplary professional critical thinking and communication skills.