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Founders’ Son : A Life of Abraham Lincoln

Use the following guidelines when constructing your review: Your purpose is to lay out the argument that the author is making about Lincoln and critique whether or not he defends his thesis successfully. In other words, you are not offering a summary of the book or a book report, but are instead explaining to your […]

Role of lectins in viral infection in Human Host and Vector (mosquito)

Description Description 1. Complete a detailed literature search on the importance of lectins proteins during viral infections. 2. Explain lectin putative role in viral entry, transmission, and other cell processes. 3. Comparing and contrasting of lectin in flaviviruses infections in hosts (human) and arthropods (mosquitoes). 4. Explain the type of methods that are using to […]

Technology and privacy

Description For this option, you must write a paper that either: 1. Reports in depth on some topic or issue related to the course material (legal, social, or ethical aspects of information systems), or 2. Discusses (in depth) some controversial issue relating to the course material 1.2 General Requirements 1.2.1 Length If you are working […]

Do you believe that the atheist is successful in showing that the existence of evil is incompatible with the existence of God? Why (not)? Support your view with reasons.

Description DOES NOT NEED ANY SOURCES!!!!!!! In your essay, you must address all of the following points: (a) Carefully and methodically (but in your words) explain how the atheist argues that God does not exist because evil exists. Be sure to explain the positions of theism, atheism and agnosticism. Be sure to explain how the […]