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For Part 3 of your project, you will revise and edit your presentation into a polished final version. You should make significant revisions to the final version based on the feedback from peers and faculty. Be sure to refer to the scores you received on the rubric, as well as any comments you received on the peer review discussion for the rough draft.

Remember that a successful presentation will include content, visuals, and references to at least 3 sources. As a general guideline, web sites should be at least three pages, videos should be 3-7 minutes, and PowerPoint presentations should include 10-15 slides.

Your presentation can be developed in a number of formats: PowerPoint, video, website, etc. You will need to analyze the results from your research and statistically represent the data using graphs, charts, tables, etc.

Presentation Requirements

  • Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.
  • You may include your recorded narration into the presentation.
  • Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, templates and fonts that best communicate the information.
  • Research your articles and books on the Internet and via the ECPI Online Library. You must use credible sources. Wikis and blogs are unacceptable sources. Create a References page to list your sources.

use the following attachments for reference. please use them.