Dear Tutor,

This will be a short, 2-3 page proposal describing your event of interest and a general statement of the organizational concepts you will apply.


This will be a short 2-3 page proposal. I will send this to the client Darden Restaurants chain “Olive Garden” (Orlando based) and instruction on introducing/benefits of their NEW Virtual Train Ride through the Mediterranean.

600 various Olive Garden Stores will require staff to go through extensive training, specifically organizational change and how this virtual reality train ride will benefit consumers and patrons alike, as the primary topic/selling point.

PLEASE SEE the following URL:

1.      Locate 3 peer reviewed journal articles that discuss organizational change and organizational change theory. (Limit your change theory discussion to the two change theories identified in the text). This will require research using library data bases.

2.      Topic: Start by locating an organization that has experienced a problem (Olive Garden virtual train ride).

3.      Then review news reports, newspapers or business periodicals such as National Public Radio, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week or the New York Times. You will need to use 4 references for this part. Feel free to use the URL I’ve listed prior.

4.      Write a 2-3 page proposal with the following headings:

1.      Definition and discussion of Organizational Change

2.      Identification of Organizational Change Theories.

3.      Why This Organization was Chosen: Identification of the Organization and its Problems?

5.      Include a reference page with:

1.      Three peer reviewed journal articles that discuss organizational change and organizational change theory.

2.      Four references to newspapers or business periodicals that discuss the topic/organization you have chosen to review and its problems.

·         Provide a title page with your name.

·         Your content should include 2-3 pages, and use a double-spaced Times New Roman font.

·         You should include headings, topic sentences, and the inclusion of the importance of organizational management skills.

·         Citations and references should be APA compliant.