The Capstone Proposal will consist of the following elements in order: 

a.      Cover Page

b.      Abstract

c.      Detailed Outline (not included in the full capstone project)

d.      Table of Contents (HINT: include these items on the Table of Contents)

e.      Introduction of the Topic

f.        Statement of the Problem

g.      Statement of the Purpose of the Research

h.      Review of the Literature

i.        Research Questions (and/or hypotheses if applicable)

j.        Research method to be employed

k.       Conclusion

l.        Reference List

m.    Appendix to include of documents used to collect data.

Suggested length of the Capstone Proposal is 15-20 pages (excluding cover, abstract, references, and appendix), double-spaced, page numbers in upper right corner, in accordance with APA style and format guidelines.