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The most current threat to the United States is an attack from a chemical weapon. A chemical weapon is “easy to control and unlike biological weapons, the users can avoid the area they attack” (White 2017, 107). Large amounts of chemicals can be controlled by secured containers and “can be released by bombs or sprayed from aircraft, boats and vehicles” (Chemical Threats n.d.). Chemicals are also readier available on the common market such as fertilizers, common poisons, “and traditional chemical agents including chlorine and phosgene” ( Harris 2002)which can cause great harm to people. Chemical agents can be affected by environmental factors but they are effective in large quantities. While biological agents are easier to produce than chemicals, because they are organic and can be easily grown, “many break down quickly when exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors” (Biological Threats n.d.). They can also be broken down quickly when exposed to heat especially the heat produced from an explosive. Biological agents “can be dispersed by spraying them into the air, by infecting animals that carry the disease to humans and by contaminating food and water” (Biological Threats n.d.), but to infect large amounts of people or inflict fear, they must be able to produce large quantities and overcome the environmental factors that can break them down.

The United States government should work on better awareness and responses for weapons of mass destruction (WMD). With the constant threats of domestic and international terrorism and “that no security network is always effective” (White 2017, 111), educating the public can raise the survivability rate. The U.S. can better educate and raise awareness through old and new media to respond to WMD attacks instead of waiting until the threat level is raised or an incident has occurred. For example, the media can frequently place campaigns to raise awareness to “build an emergency supply kit and make an emergency family plan” (Chemical Threats n.d.)in case there is an attack. The U.S. government can also frequently educate the public on how to respond to the attacks. For example, actions can be “seek shelter in an internal room and take your disaster supplies kit and seal the room with duct tape and plastic sheeting” (Chemical Threats n.d.). This education can help the public overcome panic and raise the survivability rate. Most U.S. coastal agencies during hurricane seasons will campaign for families to develop similar kits and proper responses in case a hurricane was to come on shore. In same the same manner the U.S. government can do the same but with much more frequency. The Bible speaks of the importance of education. The Bible states “For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it” (Eccles 7:12, English Standard Version).


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There is a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace[1] we must approach this threat just like any other but at the same time be wary of starting new wars just from fear, this thought process is how I will approach this discussion. The topic of whether there is a current weapon of mass destruction threat or not against the United States is one to debate. In all honesty, we as civilians do not know if there is a threat or not, however the fear of one that seems to be ingrained in the community seems to say yes. Currently the United States along with other countries who hold major economies are the focus on many terroristic groups that could potentially use weapons of mass destruction to achieve their goals. The specific weapons or weapon that terrorist use is still up for debate but scholars argue that it could be anywhere from biological (such as the anthrax) to chemical (dirty bombs/nuclear powerplants) and that the United States needs to be ready. I personally believe that biological warfare is more likely; an article that I read spoke specifically on how biological weapons are most likely to be the choice of terrorist. This assumption is built on the weapons being less identifiable then chemical ones and easier to obtain. Along with this argument Ester Smith also presents the argument that biological warfare is more appealing due to only needing a small amount to kill a large majority of people (infected people before knowing they are sick can travel to many different places taking it with them).[2]Chemical is also possible but sits lower on my personal list due to factors listed in our book and this article. I would like to mentioned that both biological and chemical weapons have materials that are hard to gain either due to lack of resources or the simple fact that at least one of the countries with a target on their back keeps tabs on material bought and sold that could be used for such devices.

This does not mean that terroristic attacks using WMD cannot happen (I personally believe the section in our book about targeting nuclear power plants was kind of scary and most likely the way a chemical attack would happen) but that they need to continue to be watched along with having medical personal and other emergency staff (Coast Guard, Police, Firemen etc.) properly trained (they are the first to respond to homeland attacks) without making the general public believe we are in another Cold War scenario. Terrorists main goal when attacking is to spread fear and chaos so any type of WMD would make their goal happen Ellingsen backs this thought with his statement the fear generated by a nuclear weapon would cause public hysteria, thus achieve the goal of terrorism.[3] (Word count 517).

[1] Ecclesiastes 3:8 (NIV)

[2] Smith, Esther L. “Highlights from the annual scientific assembly: Weapons of mass destruction; Organized medicine’s role in the national response to terrorism.

[3] White, Jonathan Randall. Terrorism and homeland security. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, 2017.


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Amazon online marketing strategy is really pretty simple it attracts other small businesses and online bloggers to become affiliates inside of the overall Amazon store.  This allows small businesses and bloggers to sell their items at cheaper prices and reach a broader market than other businesses especially brick and mortar stores.  With Amazon partnering with small online businesses they are able to provide a much more diverse product selection than other stores which attracts more customers.  Retail stores have an advantage over online stores in marketing in the fact that they are in the community and usually employ people from that community.  So, they can utilize the power of word of mouth advertising as well as tailoring their market plans to the community.  Brick and mortar stores have the upper hand in areas like clothes and electronics where a customer can actually try on an outfit or sample an electronic device before making a purchase this helps them out too.

More and more brick and mortar stores are now opening online stores in order to compete with Amazon.  Best Buy is one store that was on the edge of being put out of business when Amazon started selling electronics on their virtual store.  In response Best Buy opened an online market place to compete with Amazon and other ecommerce sites. 

I believe an even playing field can be achieved between online and department stores.  Take clothes for example it is hard to shop for new clothes on the internet because you cannot try them on.  This is where a lot of brick and mortar stores excel over online stores.  Where as if it is a clothes brand or outfit you already have worn and know what size, color, style, etc. you want then an online store could be just as suitable for you.

The logistical services that Amazon provides small businesses is storing and delivery of their products.  This lowers the cost of the products because the businesses don’t have to worry about the logistics of storing and delivery of them, (CBS).


CBS. (n.d.). Amazon Delivering the Earth’s Biggest Selection.


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Amazon was founded July 5, 1994 by former Wall Street vice president of Dew Co. Jeff Bezos. He chose the startup location in Seattle, Washington. Amazon began as an online bookstore but has transformed the business into the largest globally internet-based retailer. The company boasts 97,000 employees with total annual revenue of $61.09 Billion.

Bezos is quoted; “The wakeup call was finding this startling statistic that web usage in the spring of 1994 was growing at 2,300 percent a year. You know, things just don’t grow that fast. It’s highly unusual and that started me about thinking. “What kind of business plan might make sense in the context of that growth?”

After making a list of the ‘top 2-‘ products that he could potentially sell on the internet, he decided on books because of their low cost and universal demand.

Amazon marketing strategy is simple compared to other retail outlets. Online shopping has increased dramatically over several decades. Consumers enjoy the convenience of ordering a product online. The save time, gas and often frustration in assurance the product will be readily available. Amazon has also found ways to reduce the wait time during shipping. They have now devised Prime membership which guarantees the product will be at your address within 48 hours. In some case, products qualify for free shipping. So the consumer only pays for the cost and taxes. “As the demand for truck drivers increases, so does the amount of money needed to pay the truck drivers, as well as costs for gas, truck maintenance, and more. Unfortunately for Amazon, they are paying the bill for free shipping (Shorr).”

The impact of shipping growth on bricks-and-mortar retail is actually the consumer having to choose. For those who need the product immediately; local retailers do have an advantage. The product is readily available with no wait time. There is also the elimination of shipping and handling.

While Amazon has the ability to offer products online, local retailers have the advantage of exclusive sales and markdowns. Retail store have price-effect control and many are taking advantage of the ship to store option.

“Buy understanding the reach of e-commerce, companies can plan their business strategy to take advantage of e-commerce’s significant impact and learn how to provide their customer with what they want- a personalized shopping experience, affordable shipping, and a wide variety of products”.


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