Identify three service areas that specific to your chosen hospitality business and design a set of guidelines for operation that will provide high quality service and avoid problems such as those present at the Calumett Inn and other hotels

Can you help me understand this Management question?

In order to thoroughly understand the case, complete the following resource activities:

  1. Watch Calumet Inn

    1. Detail all of the issues in services at this hotel
    2. What is the relationship between the management and the services team?
    3. Who is to blame?
    4. What can be done, if anything to save this hotel?
  2. Watch Hotel Training

  3. What managers need to know about Food Service

    1. Watch Food and Beverage Service Training (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
    2. Watch Serve Food and Beverage to Customers
    3. Watch Bring It On – The Ritz Hotel Waiters Part I and Watch II
    4. Watch Afternoon Tea
  4. What managers need to know about Front line staff

    1. Watch Service De o: Great Front Desk customer
    2. Frontline Service
    3. Listen to your front line staff
    4. The Frontline Controls the Bottom Line
    5. Watch Front Desk First Impressions – unprofessional
    7. Watch Top 10 Management Tips for Managers
    8. Watch The Marriott Way: Empowering emlpoyees
  5. Maintenance

    1. Watch Preventive Guestroom Maintenance
    2. Duties of Hotel Restaurant Maintenance
    3. Investigate these hotels, Inns, and B&B, and Food service for issues with maintenance that have caused poor customer return and bookings.

i. Hotel Impossible Fiddlers Inn maintenance

ii. Hotel Impossible Southern Oaks Inn maintenance

iii. Hotel Impossible La Jolla Cove Suites maintenance

iv. Hotel Impossible Newport Inn maintenance

v. Hotel Impossible Corpus Christi Bayfront maintenance

vi. Hotel Impossible Highlights Forgotten Maintenance

vii. Hotel Impossible Vermont Inn maintenance, staff


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