In your answers be sure to draw on the assigned material to

In your answers be sure to draw on the assigned material to show us that you’ve mastered it. If you quote from a source, be sure to use quotation marks and to cite what you borrow. (Give source, author, page number or website address – in a parenthetical citation). Keep all quotations brief — no longer than one short sentence. Use quotations to clinch your main claim. Your words are what matter most. Please do not plagiarize.In what way did the American Revolution change the role of American women? In what way did that role remain the same? Why were the Articles of Confederation set aside? How did the new Federal Constitution in 1787 attempt to improve upon the Articles. Finally, given Daniel Shay’s history, would he have approved of the new Federal Constitution? Be specific and provide, as ever, evidence. Describe what you believe are the three most important parts of Hamilton’s economic plan? Discuss each part separately. What elements of the plan can still be found in our current economic system.Define briefly what the Alien and Sedition Acts were. Would a southern planter have supported or opposed these Acts? An Irish immigrant in Boston working on the wharves? Thomas Jefferson? Speculate on what the opinion of each would be given what you’ve learned in chapter 8.How specifically was the work experience transformed under the Industrial Revolution? Be specific. Was the typical female factory worker at, say, the Lowell factories, empowered or exploited by this transformation?What was the impact of two key inventions — the cotton gin and the railroad — on America between 1800 and 1850?Textbook is provided :…

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