Inorder to complete assignment #4 you will need to answer th

Inorder to complete assignment #4 you will need to answer the belowquestions. Please complete the questions in a Word document and thenupload the assignment for grading. Useexamples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research tosupport your answers. The assignment must be a minimum of 1-full page inlength with a minimum of 2 – outside sources. Please be sure to followAPA guidelines for citing and referencing source. Assignments are due by11:55 pm Eastern time on Sunday. Chapter 6Chapter6 noted that Friendster has obtained a number of social networkingpatents that it could potentially assert against other social networkingsites such as Facebook and MySpace. Suppose you are corporate counselat one of these two companies and you expect that you may eventually besued by Friendster. In addition to contesting the validity orenforceability of the Friendster patents, what are some of your otheroptions? Chapter 7 TheCEO of a small but promising start-up company is in need of anexperienced engineer to head up a key aspect of the business, and hasselected Sam as a leading candidate. If hired, Sam would not only beexposed to the proprietary technology that already provides asignificant advantage in the market, but would be tasked with developingadditional proprietary information and software. Sam is currently anemployee of XYZ Corp., a competitor of the start-up. What potentialproblems might the CEO want to consider? What steps could the CEO taketo address these problems?

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