Instructions In your textbook Information Systems for Healt

Instructions In your textbook, Information Systems for Healthcare Management, read: Chapter 6, “HIT Architecture and Infrastructure” Chapter 7, “HIT Service Management” Based on the Chapter 6 reading, answer one of the following questions: How did the integration of healthcare systems affect the development of computer networks in healthcare organizations? Distinguish between an interfaced system and an integrated system. Provide at least one example of each. Comment on why one model may provide an advantage over the other (Glandon, G.L., 2014). Based on the Chapter 7 reading, answer one of the following questions: Identify some process improvement frameworks that are applicable to an HIT department. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and why is it an important component of HIT service support? Part B2.In your textbook, Information Systems for Healthcare Management, read Chapter 11, “HIT Project Portfolio Management.”In your journal for this week, please provide answers to the following: Briefly describe an example of an HIT system implementation that was conducted without using a portfolio management approach. This can be from your organization, the textbook, or a case study you find on your own. Provide a summary of the lessons learned. If needed, you can use the OCLS Library: .This assignment should be at most two paragraphs in length. Title your entry, “Workshop 5, Chapter 11 Portfolio Management Lessons Learned.”

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