Instructions1. Choose a Job Title- (Chef )2. Write a Job De

Instructions:1. Choose a Job Title- (Chef )2. Write a Job Description for the title you have chosen3. Hiring PlanOnce you have selected the title, you are to write a job description. I will expect you to have read the chapters assigned for each week. Since this will help you manipulate the material to finish each week’s section. Each week is made up of two sections except for this week. I have included a brief description of what I would expect to see on each section.Section 1: Select a Job Title: You should select a Job Title to use in the project. (1) an entry‐level job for which college graduates with an undergraduate degree would be qualified or (2) a job that would be supervised by an entry‐level job for college graduates. For example, if a team wants to select a job in retailing, then the team might pick either a job title like “Assistant Store Manager” (an entry‐level job for a new college graduate) or a job title like “Retail Salesperson” (a job that is supervised by an Assistant Store Manager). Section 2:Job Description: You should write a job description in the proper format for the Job Title that’s been selected. In addition to the job description, you should include a description of how the job description was prepared. For example, if you use O*NET to write the task statements, then the you should explain what job title was found in O*NET and how the task statements in O*NET were used (e.g., were the task statements copied directly (unedited), or were the task statements from O*NET edited in some way). Section 3:Hiring Plan:You should write a hiring plan. The hiring plan should include:Recruiting Plan: In general, your team should discuss how you would recruit a pool of well-qualified applicants for the Job Title. What is the relevant labor market for the job title? What specific recruiting methods would you use?Selection Plan: In general, your team should discuss how you would decide who to hire from the pool of applicants. What selection methods would you use? How would you implement each selection method? For example, if one of your selection methods is to screen resumes, then you should describe what you would be looking for on the applicants’ resumes. As another example, if one of your selection methods is to interview the applicants, then you should describe the questions you would want to ask in the interviews and how you would evaluate the applicants’ answers.

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