Dear Tutor,

please assist me with the following:

View the video clip below from the movie Hoosiers @ (opens in new tab, runs 2:26).

Describe the different types of leadership, management, and group interactions portrayed.Consider leadership styles, traits, and alternative approaches for the new coach, the assistant coach, and the players that left the practice.

1. Provide an initial response of 150 words on Tuesday and 2 other student reply responses of 120 words each by Sunday for a maximum score of 1.5 points for each of the entries.

2. Use formal writing. Errors will reduce your grade.

3. Grading will only consider content relating to management concepts (in textbook)

4. Respond by extending the discussion by adding new insights, different examples from your experience, or from other sources.

5. Apply critical thinking. Agreement, quoting other learners, or repeating the case content will count as zero words and zero points.