Discussion Questions

Ch. 16: Motivation Theory and Practice

1.    Chapter 16 contains some really great material along with some sound theories. One of these theories is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  It’s quite relevant and is something that I use in my career now. Post your thoughts.

2.    A second theory discussed in Chapter 16 is the Expectancy Theory. I am including a link below that gives an example of expectancy theory. After you read chapter 16 and the article, post your thoughts on expectancy theory.


3.    (Expectancy Theory)  Do you agree? Why or why not?

Ch. 18: Communication and Collaboration

4.    Chapter 18, like chapter 16, contains some great information that you will be able to use as you continue your careers. One topic with chapter 18 that we should discuss further is the subject of communication. Post your thoughts

5.    It seems that we are bombarded with information in today’s fast paced society. Many times, it seems that messages are being sent and received, but communication truly is not taking place. What do you think? 

6.    How has technology impacted our ability to communicate?

7.    Has communication improved or deteriorated as a result of technology?

Leadership Style Presentation

You have been assigned to lead an existing team. Performance has been low and the previous leader was controlling. The CEO wants you to bring the team up to satisfactory performance levels within 6 months.

Use the results of your learning team discussion and select one of the leadership theories in Ch. 14 of Management to demonstrate how you would lead this team.

Develop a 15- to 20-slide presentation outlining the following:

  • The leadership theory selected
  • The level of control situation
  • The type of leadership style
  • Situational attributes
  • Desired outcomes