Letter # 1: Routine Request Assignment: Write a letter to your instructor requesting a letter of recommendation. You may be applying to graduate school, for a scholarship, for an internship, or for a full-time job. You select the scenario that is most applicable to your current situation. Preparation: Review  How to write a routine request. Format: Use the modified block letter format for this assignment. Please refer to your text for an explanation of the block and modified block formats and is for a modified block format letter without letterhead with open punctuation.  You will use closed punctuation so look carefully at the template provided at the beginning of this paragraph. The format of your letter tells the reader a lot about you and your professionalism. Pay particular attention to your letter’s margins, line spacing, font type and size, and placement of letter parts such as the return address, date, inside address, salutation, complimentary close, and signature block. Your instructor’s name and office location are located on your syllabus. Florida International University’s address is as follows: Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199. Organization Introduction/Opening:  Begin your memo with an introductory paragraph that states your purpose and makes the request. Assume the reader will want to comply with your request. Body/Discussion:  In the first paragraph of the body include information that refreshes the reader’s memory about your relationship with him/her. In the next paragraph refer to your resume (you do not need to include your resume) and elaborate on experience that distinguishes you from other applicants or candidates. In the third paragraph of the body (the fourth paragraph of the letter), provide the name and title of the person you would like the letter be mailed to and provide a reasonable deadline for sending the letter. Mention the preaddressed stamped envelope to encourage a timely response; however, you do not need to include a preaddressed stamped envelope for this assignment. Conclusion/Closing:  Begin your closing paragraph with a courteous transition and thank the reader in advance for his/her time. Conclude your letter with by indicating how the reader may contact you if he/she has questions. Encl.:  Resume           Preaddressed Stamped Envelope

This is Modified Block:

  Your Mailing Address                                                                              City, ST Zip                                                                                                  Phone Number(optional)                                                                                     E-mail (optional)                                                                                          Month Day, Year                                                         Name of Receiver, Title Company Name  Mailing Address   City, ST Zip  Dear Mr. / Ms. / Dr. / Professor / Recipient’s Last Name: When writing a letter using modified block form, no lines are indented. Include your address and if you wish your phone number where you can be contacted. Skip 2 – 6 lines and include the name and address of the recipient of the letter. Skip one line and write the letter’s salutation. Select the most appropriate title write the recipient’s last name followed by a colon; you are not using an open punctuation style.  As with a memo, you should begin with the purpose of the letter, and then elaborate on your main point in the body. The letter’s body may contain indented lists, entire paragraphs indented for emphasis, and even subheadings.   The margins for a typical letter are a 1.5 inch left margin, 1 inch right margin, and 1 inch margin at the top and bottom of the paper. Margins may be adjusted slightly to make your letter fit on one page, or to space the information so that page breaks do not happen at awkward places. Create a straight, left margin, and all paragraphs and headings should be lined up with the left margin. It isn’t necessary to indent the first line of a paragraph. Single space within each paragraph and skip one line between paragraphs.  If you letter exceeds one page, use a second-page heading whenever an additional page is required. Second page headings should include the writer’s full name, the date, and the page number.  Close your letter with an invitation for further discussion and how you can be contacted. Skip one line, tab two-thirds across the page, and create the complimentary close and signature block. This should line up with your address and date at the top of the page. Typical customary closings are Sincerely and Cordially followed by a comma-again remember you are not using the open punctuation style. Sign your name legibly in the 3 blank lines you skipped between the customary close and your typed name.                                                                                                      Sincerely,                                                                                                     Your Signature (use script font)                                                                                                     Your Namer Name                                                                                                     Your Title