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Media Gratification127127 unread replies.127127 replies.Media GratificationThe earliest researcher in this area was Herta Herzog who, in 1944, identified emotional needs, wishful thinking, and the desire to learn new things as some of the reasons people turn to the media. Later researchers built on Herzog’s work by re-categorizing and expanding this set of motivators. Branston & Stafford’s research (2010, p.388) identified and summarized them into five groups:1) Cognitive: audiences make use of the media to learn.2) Affective: audiences seek out media content that satisfies their emotional needs.3) Tension release: media provides a source of relaxation to audiences.4) Personal integrative: audiences tune in to media content that helps them explore issues related to the construction of their personal identity.5) Social integrative: audiences seek out media content that explores issues of relevance to their social identity.The importance of this model is largely that it dismisses the idea of the media as able to change people’s opinions. What it does is reinforce the status quo, where the media is satisfying audience need and desires. Think of several TV series that you are watching regularly. Why are you watching them? Line up possible uses and gratifications.Level 31 point eachLevel 2.5 point eachLevel 1.0 point eachPostWrites in a clear manner and addresses all elements mentioned in the post.Writes in a clear manner and addresses most of the elements mentioned in the post.The post is not clear and/or does not respond to most of elements mentioned in the post.GrammarThere are less than two grammatical/spelling errors.There are less than four grammatical/spelling errors.There are more than four grammatical/spelling errors.ResponseResponds to four other posts. Response shows recognition on what was written and the comment is thoughtful.Responds to two or more other posts, but the responses are not thoughtful and/or response to less than four posts.Responds to only one or none of the other posts.

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