MGT 426 Questions

Please provide 50-100 word answers/opinions for each question.

1. Examine and evaluate the coaching and mentoring intervention.

2. Describe the process of implementing management and leadership development interventions.

3. How do career planning and development interventions improve the individuals personal competencies and enhance traditional human resource approaches?

4. Examine and provide an opinion on human resources management interventions related to workforce diversity.

5. Understand and evaluate the effectiveness of employee wellness interventions.

6. What is the role of coaching and mentoring in organizations? 

7. Describe employees who are most vulnerable to stereotype threat. In the changing work environment, why is it important for managers to understand that some employees may experience stereotype threat?

8. Why is self-awareness important for being a good manager as change occurs in the organization? Can you think of some specific negative consequences that might result from a manager with low self-awareness?