Module 4 – CasePROCESS SCHEDULING PERT-CPMCase AssignmentPa

Module 4 – CasePROCESS SCHEDULING: PERT-CPMCase AssignmentPart ICalculate the expected time (hours, days, weeks, or whatever) for the following tasks. Report the time to the next highest whole number.TaskOptimistic (shortest) TimeMost Likely TimePessimistic (longest) TimeExpected Time (answer)A357B101520C456D274590E8912F819398Part IIEach of these CPM diagrams corresponds to one of the task lists given below. Match them. Ex. A:#, B:#, etc. Symbols:START ENDA.B.C.D.E.Part IIIPart IVEstimated and crash costs for each task are shown in the table below.Answer the questions below the table.Version 1Original EstimatesCrash EstimatesCrash DifferentialsTask(T)CP*Est. Time,weeks(ET)Est. cost,$1000,(EC)CrashTime,weeks(CT)CrashCost,$1000(CC)Timesaved(ET-CT)Extracost(CC-EC)A*510412B*715517C58312D*6658E*912815F416220G*520221(End)-CP=Critical Path. If task is on CP, then *; otherwise blank.Fill in the blank cells under Crash Differentials.Instead of the scheduled 7 weeks, Task B took 9 weeks. Which task or tasks should be crashed to make up the lost time, at minimum cost? Explain.Assignment ExpectationsThere are no page limits. Write what you need to write, neither more nor less. Make each sentence count! (Having said that; it’s unlikely that one page would be enough, and very likely that eight pages would be too much.)Ensure that your answer reflects your detailed understanding of the theory and techniques taught in this module.References and citations are required. This requirement can be satisfied by citing the module Home page.Follow the instructions in the Writing Style Guide.Privacy Policy | Contact

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