My portion of this assignment is the introduction. Posted be

My portion of this assignment is the introduction. Posted below is all relevant information needed for this introduction. Please include a reference. ThanksImagine you work for a marketing firm and you have been assigned to work with a new health care client. The client needs help with a communication strategy for a new product they are launching soon.Choose 1 of the following initiatives:Health spa launching a new weight loss treatmentInsurance company launching a new medical product for the exchangeHospital system launching a new diabetes programMedical device manufacturer launching a new metal alloy prosthesisSelect your own company and product with approval from your instructorCreate a 12- to 18-month communication strategy for your client. You may use a communication strategy template or you can create your own. In your strategy:Differentiate between the types of communication that could be used when marketing to different generations.Describe how you will use an integrated campaign to reach your target audience.Compare successful industries and how they leverage transparency. Describe how you can apply that to your strategy.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.Here is the template created for strategy:WWF International Communications DepartmentProgramme/Project Communications Strategy Template How to get the most out of this template Please use this template to develop your Programme/Project communications strategy. Simply delete the existing guideline text and fill in the sections listed below. Whether you communicate to external or internal audiences – or both, this template will help ensure that all key elements of a communications strategy are captured. 1.Current Situation/Background Before you map out where you want your communications strategy to take you, you need to find out where you are now. What has been accomplished so far from a communications point of view? How effective have previous communications been? 2.Overall Programme/Project Objectives This communications strategy must support your specific Programme/Project objectives. Use this section to list your key Programme/Project targets. 3.Communications Objectives Use this section to list your external and/or internal communications objectives. What do you hope to achieve as a result of your communications activities? How can communications activities help you achieve the Programme/Project targets you’ve listed above (section 2)?Clear, specific, and measurable objectives are key to the success of any communications strategy. When setting these objectives, whether your communications will be external (i.e. targeted at consumers, government and business decision makers…etc) or internal (WWF Network/consultants/partners), or both, you should:be realistic within the timeframe, budget and resourcesensure the objectives are measurableThe following are examples of communications objectives:Build awareness of a project among a wide but defined group of audiences and user groups. Secure the commitment of a defined group of stakeholders to the project aims. Influence specific policies or policymakers around key aspects. Encourage participation among researchers or partner bodies. 4.Target Audience If you’re targeting an external audience – who do you want to get your message across to? Be as specific as possible:Who will best help you achieve your goals? What demographic groups are you trying to reach? What do you know about the best ways to reach them?Target audiences should be described in terms of:current behaviourlevel of awarenesslevel of knowledgepreferred methods for receiving informationmotivations/barriers to hearing and believing/accepting the information. The more refined the target audience description, the more precise and effective your communication will be. Broad descriptions such as the “general public” are less likely to lead to a successful communications campaign than a tightly defined target. The more thoroughly you understand your target audience(s), the higher the probability of communications success. Primary Target Audience – These are the key persons/groups you communicate to directly.. You can have more than one primary target audience.For example: Parents, particularly mothers of children aged 0 – 6 years. Secondary Target Audience – people of less importance who you wish to receive the communications campaign messages, people who will also benefit from hearing the messages or people who influence your target audience now or in the future.If you’re targeting an internal audience (i.e. WWF Network for example) – which individuals, teams or departments do you need to reach within the organization?For more information about target audiences, please see the Publishing Guidelines on Connect:

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