My topic of study has been ‘Workforce Conflict in China’ thi

My topic of study has been ‘Workforce Conflict in China’ this is a new course so I can continue with the same unless you have a better suggestion or something simple. Throughout this course, you will complete a small-scale research project by conducting a “mock” qualitative interview study. This project will include conducting and transcribing interviews with at least two participants, analyzing the data, and presenting the findings. This project will give you first-hand experience with conducting qualitative research and could also contribute to your Doctoral Study. Be sure to review the Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Overview document provided in this week’s Readings for details and deadlines for each component of the project.Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Task TimelineWeek 1: Selecting Your Small-Scale Project TopicWeek 2: The Interview GuideWeek 3 & 4: Conducting the InterviewsWeek 5: Coding of the Interviews and Theme AnalysisWeek 6: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Write-UpTo prepare for this Assignment, identify an applied business problem for the basis of your study. You are free to choose the problem for your project; however, you might consider choosing a problem related or similar to your proposed Doctoral Study problem, because the course exercises may assist you in moving forward with your own Doctoral Study. Select at least two interviewees to use for the study. Consider having backup interviewees to use if needed.By Day 7SubmitA two-paragraph summary of the process by which you selected your business problem, your interviewees (two or more), and how you will gain access to your participantsA brief rationale for why you have chosen this topic and detailed information identifying why the interviewees are appropriate

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