Needs to be done by Monday 26th of June 10.00 am central tim

Needs to be done by Monday 26th of June 10.00 am central time. Around 1000-1250 words.the students will employ theories of Discourse Analysis, as well as all other readings, and develop a critical analysis on Chaplin’s The Great Dictator movie. The students will employ the theories of CDA in interpreting different cultural and social layers of the movie. The students have to use at least 3 scholarly and relevant sources to write their articles. This essay will go beyond a comparative analysis of rhetoric. The scholarly sources can work to provide a scholarly background about the subjects, or perform some analysis of the movie, or give some sort of critical understanding of it. The students will choose a single movie, analyze it based on the idea of discourse, and take a critical stance towards the movie in order to develop an argument. In developing the argument, the students must have at least 5 references to the movie scenes and cite them in MLA Style (refer to Purdue Owl). The sources you may use will come from your own research. You’re free to use sources from this class or your anchor courses, and you’re strongly encouraged to utilize the library’s resources to your best advantage.

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