Note Students must choose either Option 1 or Option 2 for t

Note: Students must choose either Option 1 or Option 2 for this assignment.Option 1: Workplace-Based Field Research Paper A on the Ethical Tools and Processes of Your OrganizationPurpose: To focus attention on the strengths and weaknesses of the ethical toolkit of your own organization.Submita paper in MS Word not to exceed five pages in length that specifies indetail the ethical tools and processes used in your organization (or anorganization with which you easily can become familiar) using the RDCARframework. Where do you find any particular robustness, weaknesses, orgaps? For an additional perspective you may also choose to discuss the ‘Selected Questions’ listed in Tables 5.1 and 5.2 in Chapter 5 in your textbook as part of this assignment.Click the hyperlink below for the format of the paper.Research PaperThisworkplace research assignment will require you to become familiar withethical policies, procedures, and structures within your organizationand the people who have designed, managed, and used them. As part ofthis assignment you are expected to interview one or more senior level managersto gain additional insights, after first developing a basicunderstanding of your own organization’s ethical toolkit. We recommendthat you begin to gather as much information as you can during this weekas it is due by the end of Week 3.Note: This option must include a one-page addendum that will serve as an appendix to your workplace-based research paper.Appendix for Option 1 Pick oneU.S. based firm from the list (and links) below. Become familiar withthe firm’s publicly available statements about its ethics programs andpractices. Do you think these statements are valuable? Do you think theyaccurately represent the firm’s impact on its stakeholders and theenvironment? Where possible, use the RDCAR framework presented in WeekOne as well as your own judgment to identify areas of strength orweakness.This analysis can be utilized as another basis ofcomparison as you write about your own organization’s ethical programsand practices.Compose your answer as a MS Word document. Southwest Airlines & Jerry’s…HCA Management Practices LLP’Oreal–a-guide-for-actionPriceWaterhouseCoopers International Instruments…. Option 1 Grading Research Paper 80% Appendix 20%Option 2: Workplace-Based FieldResearch Paper B on the Evaluation of Your Organization’s Commitment toPeople and the EnvironmentPurpose: Forthis option, you will be required to gather first-hand knowledge inorder to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of discretionaryactivities taken by your firm as they relate to the domain of “corporatesocial and environmental responsibility.” You are encouraged to becomefamiliar with both the people and the programs directly focused on thistask through interviews and reviews of available documents. It will beuseful to initially trace the history, scope and development of thesecommitments as they relate to your organization, its stakeholders, andthe specific industry in which it operates. Through your interviews andresearch, you should carefully delineate any gaps you find betweenstated purposes and actual accomplishments, as well as potential ways toimprove performance. Finally, you are asked to think creatively aboutyour firm’s corporate social and environmental responsibility platformas a whole, and to suggest novel ways in which it could be realisticallyand successfully enhanced.Note: This option must include a one-page addendum that will serve as an appendix.Appendix For Option 2 Pick onefirm from the list (and links) below. Become familiar with the firm’spublicly available descriptions and reports about its Corporate SocialResponsibility activities. Do you think these programs present solid andcredible information on how the firm serves the best interests ofpeople and the environment? Where do you see unique strengths oridentifiable weaknesses?This analysis can be utilized asanother basis of comparison as you evaluate your own organization’scommitment to corporate responsibility.Compose your answer as a MS Word document. Baxter International Enterprises Caremark Group Petroleum Computers & Johnson Option 2 Grading Evaluation Paper80%Appendix20%

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