Now that you have reviewed the theories of Michael Porter i

Now that you have reviewed the theories of Michael Porter, it is your turn to discover and share theories relating to other strategic management leaders/experts. Choose and become familiar with an article or book chapter in the area of strategic management authored by a current leader. Some authors to consider include: Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Sheryl Sandberg, Philip Kotler, Daniel Goleman, Warren Bennis, Thomas Friedman. NOTE – This is NOT an exclusive list – please feel free to research other authors especially those published in the Harvard Business Review. Authors may be repeated, but not specific articles/chapters – these must vary. 1. As the class expert, create and record a brief 5 slide PowerPoint presentation [Voice Narration with Powerpoint.pdf] that presentsthis theory in an interesting and informative manner and providesbackground information on the author – in other words, why is he/she considered a ‘guru’ in this field?2. Create a post that includes your Powerpoint file and a link to your reference or upload a copy. Post your Expert Profile by the end of this week. The title of your post should be the name of your expert. [E.g., Michael Porter]3. Read and respond to at least 3 of your peers with an analysis of how this author’s contribution is critical to the success of strategic management. Responses due by end of next week.

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