Only need to finish the task 2.Information Requirements Dete

Only need to finish the task 2.Information Requirements Determination (IRD) Project ComponentBased on your consulting company’s initial work in discovering the business needs of Mid-Century Modern Décor Unlimited (MCMDU), you now have the following additional information about your client company’s processes that will need to be supported by the planned inventory information system:Addition of new item to inventory system: the marketing/sales staff, in cooperation with the manufacturing staff, transmits the basic information on new products to be added to inventory management on a paper form brought to the inventory management office. This form must contain approval signatures of the Vice President for Operations and the Vice President for Sales. Upon receipt of a correct form (as determined by the Inventory Management staff), the inventory information for the new item is added to the appropriate Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook(s).Recurring inventory report: the inventory is reported on a monthly basis in printed form and distributed through interoffice mail to the owner, vice presidents, and managers of the manufacturing and marketing/sales departments.Ad-hoc inventory reports: an ad-hoc report on one or more inventory items may be requested by the owner, vice presidents, and managers of the manufacturing and marketing/sales departments. These requests must be created on a “Special Report Request” paper form brought to the inventory management office. The inventory management staff attempts to produce these reports within two business days of the time of the request.The inventory management staff will also create an ad-hoc report in printed form upon phone request from either the owner or the company vice presidents. There is not a special form for this request: the inventory management will jot the specifications for the needed report down on paper when called by these individuals with a request. The inventory management staff attempts to produce these reports within one business day of the time of the request.The inventory management staff maintains the templates for inventory information from the e-commerce retailer customers within a file folder on a hard drive on the PC computer system in the Inventory Management office. Recall from the Background Information section that e-commerce retailers will generally require that their company-specific templates be used when transmitting inventory-related information such as complete product descriptions. Once the templates are populated with the requested information, the Inventory Management staff can transmit that information to the e-commerce retailers by logging in through the retailer’s extranet portal for MDU.The Tasks:Obviously, you will be facing a challenge in effectively determining systems requirements for this project. Based on the information provided in Chapter 6 of the course textbook and web-based research, your team’s task here is to select an overall strategy for determining system requirements. In addition, you have decided to develop an interview process with various employees of the company to assist in determining the information requirements needed to support the development of a system that meets the scope of the planned system. Create this deliverable in a Microsoft Word document.Your deliverable for this component of the team project is to include the following components:A project scope statement: see the associated definition/description on page 199 of the course textbook and the example portrayed in Figure 5-10 on page 134 of the course textbook.An analysis of systems requirements determination strategies (review Chapter 6) in order to select the optimal strategy for this specific information systems project for MDU. This component must contain an identification and discussion of the potential strategies followed by your well justified recommendation for proposing the optimal strategy for information requirements determination (IRD) for the planned system. Be aware that a single method of IRD is almost never adequate to gather the needed information for a systems development project.An interview plan as detailed in interview outlines followed by specific questions (you should use both close-ended and open-ended questions) that you plan to ask in initial interviews with (1) Alexis Harrison, the company owner and (2) company employees (specify which ones). Note that you may also choose to employ additional interviewing methods (see Chapter 6) for obtaining this type of information.Required Format:The required format of this component is five clearly labeled sections:An introduction of the background and intended purpose of the specified tasks (see above section)The Project Scope StatementThe systems requirements determination strategy (this may be some combination of two or more strategies identified and discussed in Chapter 6)The interview designs, with the target for each interview design clearly indicatedA summary/conclusions sectionAPA format is not required for this component. Submit your completed work for Part 1 in a single Microsoft Word document or Adobe PDF file. Only the designated team leader for this project component is to submit a copy of the team’s completed work.

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