Part 1.Discuss at least 5 storytelling/narrative/plot)device

Part 1.Discuss at least 5 storytelling/narrative/plot)devices or editing choices that you have seen in recent films or TVshows. How did these devices or choices help drive the story? Then linkthose narrative techniques to the films you watched.For example: In Walk, – You, Walk!(1912) Rose gets the help of friends to teach someone who mistreatedher a lesson. This is common plot device in today’s situation comediesPart 2.The Birth of a Nation(1913) is still seen as a monumental film due to its innovation offilming techniques that are still used today. For example, one of D. W.Griffith’s key contributions was his pioneering use of “cross-cutting”to follow parallel lines of action. An early audience might have beenconfused by a film that showed first one group of characters, thenanother, then the first again, But Griffith successfully uses such atechnique in a chase scene that is rarely not use in an action movietoday. Besides “cross-cutting,” There are at less 16 other ways in whichGriffith was an innovator, ranging from his night photography to hisuse of the iris shot and color tinting. Due to Giffith’s efforts, thisis a film of great visual beauty and narractive power.However,the movie is racist and unapologetic about its attitudes, which arethose of a white Southerner, raised in the 19th century, unable to seeAfrican-Americans as fellow beings of worth and rights.With that in mind, answer the following questions:Isit possible to separate the content from the filmcraft? If art shouldserve beauty and truth, can great art be in the thrall of hatefulideologies? Can we still find beauty in such an ugly past? Is itreasonability “okay” to enjoy viewing such art with such a message?Arethere more recent films, TV shows, music, pieces of art that pressagainst the same types of issues? If so, how do we/should we respond tothem?

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