Part 1 This paper must include all the following points lis

Part 1: This paper must include all the following points listed below, cover page, outline, and bibliography Title: Tunisia Introduction Historical Settings (Major historical periods/events that shaped the country) Geography Economic Status Government and Politics National Security Conclusion References and in text citation Important Notes: 4 pages paper no less and no more. Times Roman Font, 12 pitches used throughout, double spaced, and 1 inch margins (top, bottom and sides) No misspelled words, and no grammatical errors. Bottom line up front (BLUF)- Introduction paragraph. Supported BLUF with relevant facts. Easily understood in a single rapid reading. Primarily active voice throughout (with minimum instances of passive voice which did not detract from the paper). Part 2: Power point including all points listed below, speaker notes, and Visual aids (Use the same information which you used in the paper) Title page Agenda Historical Settings (Major historical periods/events that shaped the country)GeographyEconomic StatusGovernment and Politics National SecuritySummery References

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