Part I—Hands-on LabFor this assignment you will display i

Part I—Hands-on LabFor this assignment, you will display information from a Microsoft Access database by using SQL commands.Using the Microsoft Access database Teresa’sTrees, write SQL statements for the given tasks. Once complete, copy the SQL statements from Microsoft Access and paste them in a Microsoft Word document that will be submitted along with part II of the assignment.Write an SQL statement:To display all the information from the Customer tableTo display each shipping date for customer 1 from the Invoice tableNote: Display both the customer number and the shipping date.To display the names of all the trees that cost at least $200.00To display all the information for invoice number 2To list the phone and last name of all customersTo list the phone, first name, and last name of all customers whose last name starts with ‘J’To return the number of customersTo determine the average total invoice amountTo show all the items ordered from invoice number 3To show the first and last names along with the invoice number of all customers with an invoice of at least $250.00Part II—Course ProjectThis part of the assignment is a detailed project designed to help you learn the modeling of business requirements and understand the physical implementation of logical business models through the use of E-R models..Course Project Part 1—Database PlanningFor this week, imagine that you have been hired by a company to build a database for it and complete the following tasks:Describe your idea of the database.This can be a business problem or a hobby you are interested in—for example, an airline reservation system.Outline the database you would like to create.Outline the SDLC. Include the following subcategories:Strategy and analysis for a business or an idea you plan to developAnalysis of the current system:What does the company have?What business projections does it have?Integration with other systems—plan how the current system can be integrated with other systemsDocumentation and communication—describe how this vital part will be accomplishedDesign for changes—prepare a plan for the futureReusable resources—do not redo work; identify what the company has in place that you can use(This is the best part of the project—you create everything!)Note: Whatever you create is fiction and the above-mentioned six items will need to be addressed in the final document.Assignment DeliverableAfter you complete the lab and course project, collate the information from both in a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document. please use APA format graded on the following elements:Submitted ten SQL statements that are free of syntax errors and return the desired results.Submitted the course project document that provides relevant information for each subhead and contains the following subheads:Description of the database ideaAn outline for the identified databaseSDLC for the project

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