Part I Website research exerciseYou are an immigration att

Part I: Website research exercise:You are an immigration attorney and your first client came into your office. Frank, a U.S. Citizen and well known professional cyclist, fell in love with Sofia, a native and citizen of France, while cycling on the Tour De France. Frank has returned to France twice since the Tour to get to know Sofia and has decided that he wants to bring her to the U.S. and marry her. He proposed marriage and Sofia wants to marry him and live with him in the U.S. Your task: -Go to the USCIS website and find the initial USCIS application/form that Frank must complete to begin the process of bringing his fiance over from France. What is the name of the Visa she will use to come over? -Explain the process once she gets to the U.S. When must they marry? Can she work while things are pending with USCIS? How long must they wait before she becomes a lawful permanent resident (LPR)? Part II: Provide answers to all of the following:1. Jane is a native and citizen of Great Britan and would like to come to the U.S. She wants to travel around the country and if she likes it here, she would not be opposed to moving to the U.S. in the future. a. If Jane has no family in the U.S., how can she come here legally to visit? What are her options? Can she work while she is here? b. What if Jane does have family in the U.S- she has a cousin who is a lawful permanent resident- can the cousin petition for her to adjust her status? Why/why not?

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