Part IResearch your business issue. Youwill need to use a mi

Part IResearch your business issue. Youwill need to use a minimum of 4 credible sources for your research, with2 being academic sources, such as a book or an academic scholarlyjournal. Academic scholarly journals can be accessed through theRasmussen Online Library. For business sources, ProQuest and EBSCO Hostare helpful. *A note about credible sources:Credible sources are reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sourcesare written by authors respected in their fields of study. You want toidentify sources where the author of the article is listed, if they’vereferenced other information, the sources should be cited so that youcan check for the accuracy of and support what they have written. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. For more information on credible sources, please visit the Rasmussen Online Library. In 2-3 pages, describe the problem that you’ve selected:What is the problem?Why is it a problem for businesses?Why does this problem exist or what causes it?What are some of the consequences if the problem goes unsolved?Rememberto use proper tone in your paper. You are speaking from a ‘consultant’point of view. Your audience is the Leadership Team at MovieFlix. Makesure to write your paper utilizing proper APA formatting guidelines,and to include an APA formatted title page. Use NoodleBib to documentyour sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page andin-text citations.Part IINow thatyou’ve shown MovieFlix that you’ve adequately researched their issueit’s time to write them a formal business letter to discuss next steps.Writea formal business letter from your company (Rasmussen Consulting) toMovieFlix. For your letter, you will need to follow proper businessformatting guidelines and use ‘block letter formatting.’ Also, includean APA formatted title pageYour business letter needs to be a minimum of 2 pages in length and must include the following:Let MovieFlix know that you have researched the issue and what your conclusions are for their company based on your research.Discuss latest developments surrounding the issue.Describewhat the first steps will be in helping them to resolve their issue.Explain why it’s important that these be the first steps and what yourrole will be in helping them to implement these first steps.Becausethis is a formal business letter, tone and grammar are extremelyimportant. You will need to submit your letter to ‘Grammarly’ which afree service for Rasmussen students, prior to submitting your paper tothe drop box. Once you’ve made all of your suggested grammarcorrections, submit your paper to the Drop Box, along with yourGrammarly PDF report as a separate attachment. Your goal is to obtain aGrammarly score of 90 – 100%. Grammarly instructions can be accessed here.Submit your paper, business letter, and Grammarly report as three separate attachments to the drop box below.Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Saveyour assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, pleaseremember to append the ‘.docx’ extension to the filename.) The name ofthe file should be your first initial and last name, followed by anunderscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and thedate. An example is shown below:Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504

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