Please discuss at length the following questions and prompts

Please discuss at length the following questions and prompts. Be sure to type and double space your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Using your notes from the introduction to Post-Colonial Theory and Literature, explain West’s role as the center during colonization, the concept of the other and the subaltern.Things Fall Apart is a post-colonial text which is characterized as a “write back” explain what is meant by a ‘write back” and discuss why writers such as Chinua Achebe felt the need to write their own stories.3In Things Fall Apart, discuss how Ikemefuna can be considered a Christ Figure.Anna and the King is a movie that was discussed in tandem with Things Fall Apart. During the anniversary scene Mycroft Kincaid attacks King Mongkut’s wives and concubine’s beliefs by calling them superstitions. How does the King counter Kincaid’s attack?In Fences, explain how Troy Maxson is a product of his environment. In The Narrative of Frederick Douglass explain this phrase “For it’s almost an unpardonable sin to teach a slave to read in this Christian country.” Discuss the significance of the word “Christian.”Discuss the conversion of Mistress Hugh. How did “slavery prove as injurious to her as it did me?”In Othello, explain the concept of Bestial Reductionism and list examples of it from the play. Bonus “The Party” by Paul Laurence Dunbar takes place during the 18th century. What specific passage confirms the time period?

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