1. PowerPoint Presentation

    It has become more and more evident in our society that fairness and ethics need to be taught if we are to continue to be successful politically, socially, and economically. Unit VI places an emphasis on this critical aspect of leadership. For this assignment, you will need to develop and arrange a minimum eight slide PowerPoint presentation, not including title or reference slides (maximum of 10 slides).

    Our textbook points out, “it appears that feeling a sense of social obligation can go a long way toward encouraging fair behaviors, even when selfishness is easy.” Using that quote as a guide construct a PowerPoint entitled, “The Persistent Desire for Fairness.”

    Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

BUS 3826, Managerial Decision Making 2

  1. Include no more than six abbreviated bulleted items for each slide in approximately 24-point font.

  2. Title slide content should include the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title,

    and the date.

  3. In your content slides, include items such as perceptions of fairness, research regarding the concept of fairness

    and ethics, ultimatums, bounded ethicality, in-group favoritism.

  4. Using the Waldorf University online library, access at least one peer-reviewed academic source dealing with

    ethics, and offer some content on at least one slide from that (those) source(s).

  5. Be sure to include APA citations and a final reference slide to list your sources using APA style.

  6. In the “Notes View,” incorporate the talking points you would use with presenting the slides.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.