Please read the following case study and respond accordingly

Please read the following case study and respond accordingly: Sue is a 72 year-old woman who has recently been widowed. She and her husband were inseparable. However, there were times when Sue’s family questioned whether Sue’s husband might have been abusive (emotionally but not physically) as he was an alcoholic for 30 years, the entirety of their marriage. Sue has not been responding to her friends’ requests to go out to dinner, and she hasn’t returned any phone calls. In fact, Sue has become more reclusive now that her husband has passed away. Fifteen years ago, Sue was taking medication for her anxiety but, for the most part, had weaned herself off the medication after a bad fight with her husband. Sue’s friends are becoming worried about her. They think she is depressed, or worse yet, overmedicating herself. If she could take herself off of them cold turkey, she could decide to go back on them again, they say. What are your reactions? What do you need to know in order to make an assessment of the situation?

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