please replay those questions one by one with the question n

please replay those questions one by one with the question numbers. So I get time to type the answer on my site. It’s all short answers and there are 13 of them.1/In Kant’s Groundwork, how does Kant argue against making false promises and against indifference to the suffering of others using the first formulation of the categorical imperative? 2.Consider Nietzsche’s On The Genealogy of Moral. What does the spirit of the weak & impotent introduce? How does this suggest a deficiency of the master or noble?3.What is an ascetic ideal according to Nietzsche? What is the general problem with ideals of this sort?4.In Nietzsche’s On The Genealogy of Morals, what is meant by the terms ‘ressentiment’ and ‘bad conscience’?5.What is the difference between hypothetical and categorical imperatives in Kant’s ethics? Additionally, what is meant by the phrase ‘good will’ in Kant’s ethics?6.In the Groundwork, Kant describes a 4 step process for determining whether or not a given maxim can be a categorical imperative. Explain the four step process and then apply the process to an example. 7.For Mill, what modification must be made to Bentham’s principle of utility to prevent the hedonistic calculus from preferring the life of a pig to that of Socrates?8.According to Mill, of what sort of proof does utilitarianism admit? Why might Mill’s ‘proof’ rest upon a poor analogy?9.Distinguish between Master/Noble and Slave moralities in Nietzsche. How, and in what order, does each generate the concepts of good and bad? What is wrong with the slave morality according to Nietzsche? What does Nietzsche think is wrong with the noble morality?10/What is Nietzsche’s proposed alternative to morality? How does it improve upon both the Noble and the Slave moralities?11.In Kant’s Groundwork, how does Kant argue against theft and against indifference to the suffering of others using the second formulation of the categorical imperative?12.Recall the required aphorisms from Nietzsche’s The Gay Science. What does the madman proclaim? Also, what does Nietzsche describe as “the greatest weight”?13.Consider the ethical theories of Kant & Mill. Under each theory, when is an action said to be moral or ethical? Be sure to be specific in your answer and articulate the main principle at work in each theory as well as any salient differences.

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