Please respond to this discussion question. Only needs one r

Please respond to this discussion question. Only needs one reference! Doesn’t have to be anything elaborate!Annelise Gauthier posted Jul 2, 2017 9:02 PMTheproposed PICOT is: In oncology patients with a multidisciplinarytreatment plan (P), does access to oncology nurse navigation services(I) reduce treatment delays (O) due to side effects, other identifiedbarriers, or delays in coordination between specialties (T) whencompared to patients who do not have access to navigation services (C)?Priorto the implementation of any changes available research should beexamined. High level and quality evidence should back all practicechanges (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2015).One should include the three components of evidenced based practice.These are patient preference and values, clinical expertise, andrigorous research (Taylor, Priefer, & Alt-White, 2016). Patientvalues and preferences were included by researching if patients reportedan added value to their care through the implementation of a navigationprogram. Included when analyzing patient preference and values are the emotional, psychological, cultural, and spiritual point of view of the patient (Clay & Parsh, 2016). Clinicalexpertise is the ability to gather and filter both objective andsubjective information. Then to have an understanding of how theevidence based research should be applied (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2015).The inherent complexity of treatment plans creates difficulty forpatients when navigating the health care system and making informed caredecisions. Oncology Nurse Navigation services aim to coordinatemultiple providers, educate the patient and family, provide symptommanagement, and improve communication between team members and patients(Case, 2011). Anunderstanding of the cancer treatment process is essential tounderstanding how navigation services could be implemented. Third,rigorous research for the PICOT question is required. Multiple databases were explored and results were analyzed and filtered to find highquality applicable studies. A full examination of the availableresources needs to be performed to ensure practice changes are evidencebased.

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