Please write a 4-6 page paper explaining how entrepreneurs e

Please write a 4-6 page paper explaining how entrepreneurs evaluate opportunities to determine their potential, contrasting that to how you evaluate those same entrepreneurial opportunities.In your analysis of criterion used to evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, you should include a discussion of the following:Information about the processes and research involved in screening venture opportunities;Use of primary versus secondary data collection, for the entrepreneurial team, in marketing research functions- Which works ‘better’ for a venture in the start-up phase of the introductory stage of the life cycle, and why?The entrepreneurial team- How will the new venture reflect the team’s personal goals and aspirations for the new venture? What is the entrepreneurial team’s vision for the new venture? How is that vision mirrored in the management of the new venture?How useful is the VRIO Methodology in helping the management team evaluate the firm’s strengths and weaknesses? That is, what are the benefits of using the technique, and disadvantages of using the methodology?Format your paper using APA guidelines. The Cover sheet, references page, and any visual aids you may use to provide support to your central thesis are NOT included in the page count.Include a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed sources that you will find in the University’s Library. Sources used must conform to academic rigor. If you do not know if the source you want to use is academically rigorous, then please ask.

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