Read:The Innovator’s DNA, chapters 2-6, and an article on change tools.  The topics may include, but are not limited to coaching, large scale change, team building, strengths finding, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and performance management systems.

Assignment: Reflective thinking and practical application. Create a PowerPoint (with notes in note view) presentation about a team building exercise you have developed for a work group. Your goal is to create improvement in one of the discovery skills for those people. Explicitly connect this exercise to your readings this week. Why do you think that it would work?  Post the PowerPoint to Blackboard assignments and prepare to present your PowerPoint in class as a 5-7 minute presentation. The rubric below will be used to evaluate this assignment.

DB 1 What change efforts have been undertaken at your organization? Which have worked? Which have not worked? Why?

DB 2 Which readings on change make most sense to you? Why?

Reading unfortunately is not provided.