Problem Description In this programming assignment you will

Problem Description In this programming assignment, you will build a Java-based simulation tool based the iVoteidea ( we demonstrated during the class. This is going to be a pure desktopbased console program, WITHOUT web interactions or graphical UIs. The basic functions of the system include: 1) Configure the question types and candidate answers. It should support two types – bothmultiple choices and single choice. For each type, you can configure the candidateanswers, such as “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “1. Right”, “2. Wrong”, etc. 2) Allow students to submit answers. Every student has a unique ID (String), and cansubmit an answer to the iVote service. 3) The iVote Service can be first configured with a given question type and candidateanswers. Then, it can start accepting submissions from students. The important thing tokeep in mind about accepting submissions is that each student can only submit oneanswer. If multiple submissions are received from the same student, only the lastsubmission will be counted. 4) The iVote Service can also output the statistics of the submission results. You don’t haveto use the graphical interface. Simply use the standard output (System.out) to print outthe count for each answer. For example, “A : 5, B : 12”, or “1. Right : 15, 2.Wrong : 20”. Feel free to customize the format for your output. 5) You need a SimulationDriver to automatically simulate the whole process. Basically,the driver will 1) create a question type and configure the answers; 2) configure thequestion for iVote Service; 3) randomly generate a number students and the answers; 4)submit all the students’ answers to iVote Service; 5) call the iVote Service outputfunction to display the result. You should write the program in Java, and follow the important Java OOP principles we havelearned so far. The core concepts (classes) you probably need to have are: 1) Student 2) Question 3) IVoteService 4) SimulationDriver Of course, other classes, subclasses or interfaces maybe needed depending on how you designand implement the system. SimulationDriver should contain a main() method that triggers the whole process. You canrandomly generate the IDs and answers for a group of students to simulate the submissionprocess and checking the results.

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