Problem StatementMr. Tony sells guitar mandolin and banjo

Problem Statement:Mr. Tony sells guitar, mandolin and banjo, these three types of musical instrument in his store.He uses a paper-based system to keep track of his instruments. He requires a computer-basedsystem to store his inventory and a new search tool to help him match up his customer’s dreaminstrument.A serial number and a price are unique to all the instruments. For musical instrument choice theclient provides only the general properties of an instrument and not the unique properties. Forexample, to choice a guitar, the client gives the name of the builder, model, number of strings,back wood and top wood information. The “type” could be acoustic or electric. The buildercould be Fender, Martin, Gibson, Collins, Olson, Ryan, PRS or any other. The back wood or topwood could be made of Indian rosewood, Brazilian rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Cocobolo,Cedar, Adirondack, Alder or Sitka. The model name for guitar doesn’t have a limited set ofvalues like the builder and wood. Banjos have same properties like guitars.For mandolin, all the specifications are same except the number of strings. Mandolins normallycome with 4 pairs of strings. An extra specification “style” needs to be added with mandolin.Mandolins can come in several styles, like an “A” style or an “F” style.Design the software for Tony’s store using Object–Oriented principles like Inheritance,Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation. Draw the class diagram for your design usingUML notation and briefly explain your design choices.

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