Professionals in all disciplines keep their knowledge of the

Professionals in all disciplines keep their knowledge of the field current. There are various ways to accomplish this, such as attending conferences or networking with other professionals. However, the most efficient way to learn about new developments on an ongoing and relatively cost-effective basis is to read published research articles. Yet, this option is heavily underutilized by a great number of professionals in all fields. The common reason stated across disciplines is that for those who are not trained researchers, such publications are too difficult to read because of the complex language and the statistics involved.While these assumptions are factually correct, they do not need to keep you from being comfortable and fluent reading research. The solution is to learn to identify and then focus on strategic pieces of information within each article. “A Practical Guide to Reading Research Articles,” in the resources this week, is a tool to help you learn this process. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to use this reading as a tool to practice and hone your research reading skills. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the reading process so that you learn to apply this tool in a systematic manner.Follow the steps below to complete this portion of the application assignment:Review the article “A Practical Guide to Reading Research Articles”Keep the Appendix in the course text nearby and use it as a guide to terminology that might be new to you and that you may encounter when reading research articlesChose one of the research articles listed below.Here is the article: Article: Sayfan, L., & Lagattuta, K. H. (2009). Scaring the monster away: What children know about managing fears of real and imaginary creatures. Child Development, 80(6), 1756–1774. Retrieved from the Walden Library using Academic Search Complete database. As the title promises, this is a study of what very young children know about how different people experience fear and what one can do to not be overwhelmed by fear.In preparation for this Assignment and to assist you in crafting your responses, study the document “A Practical Guide to Reading Research Articles.” Next, choose one article from the list provided in Part 1 of the Application assignment for Week 1. Referring to the article of your choice, respond to all tasks below. THE TASK YOUR RESPONSE Cite in correct APA format the article you chose for this assignment Provide a direct and complete quote of the way the author(s) state the purpose of the study (e.g., “We address the following…” or “The purpose of this study…”) Paraphrase the purpose of the study in your own words Identify the participants in this study, and briefly describe them State clearly where in the article you located the description of the participants Briefly summarize what the researcher(s) found out, i.e., the essence of the study results State clearly where in the article you located the results (e.g., in the Discussion section, the Conclusion section, or in both) Lepuschitz, J.K. (2011). A practical guide to reading research articles. Laureate Education Inc., Baltimore, MD.

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