Provide one or more ideas to improve parent and community in

Provide one or more ideas to improve parent and community involvement that they did not think of. Explain why this idea would be beneficial in supporting parent and community involvement. 5 sentences or more.While going through and looking at the six different types of involvement i see why my place of employment does some of the things they do. I work for a head start company and i feel they do an amazing job at getting parent involvement in the classroom and during special activities. But i have worked for a couple child care facilities that had little to no parent involvement at all. Communicating: Any where i work i make sure i have open communication with the parents i feel that it is very important for the parent and the teachers to be able to talk and work together for the best interest of the child. When i worked with the younger children not only did I send home daily communication logs i also made a special offer to talk to every parent at either drop off or pick up or even both. I also had a writing log that i would jot stuff in for parents that i may not of seen that day so the other teacher could pass the message and write a message down if a parent had one for me. I liked to keep all lines of communication open for my parents. Now at head start i feel we hit all six types. We always ask for volunteers not only during the day in the classroom but they also can take home materials and help make some activities for the classroom. We also try to get parents input on many classroom activities and we also take their suggestions on things to do during the day in the classroom. We also send home activities for parents to do with their children for fun or for bonding time.

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