Quality Training Manual You will select an organization and

Quality Training Manual You will select an organization and apply your research to the development of the Quality Control Manual that is meant for the logistics and supply chain management departments. The project deliverables are as follows: Quality Control Use Word Title page Course number and name Project name Your name Date Table of Contents (TOC) This should be on a separate page. This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep. If you are using an autogenerated TOC, be sure to update the fields of the TOC before submitting your project. Section Headings Introduction 300-400 words You will prepare an outline of the Quality Control Manual. The first part of the manual will be the Introduction. This should include a history of the quality management evolution and why it is needed. List and discuss 2-3 of the specific directions that companies are adopting in terms of strategic quality management? Explain the evolution of and the pros and cons of such programs as Deming and Six Sigma) History of the quality management evolution Why it is needed The Role of Leadership 300-400 words( Research and summarize senior management’s role in successful quality improvement programs. Be sure to use real, researched examples to demonstrate your points. The Baldrige Award site list of recipients could be a good resource for examples. In general, identify senior management’s specific role in these large-scale strategic quality programs? Cheerleader? Role model? Decision maker? Resource provider? What else? Why must firms adopt the identified roles? What is the risk of not using the roles? Indicate how senior and middle management should derive the metrics to use to monitor and communicate performance) Why it is a strategic issue Management as a role model New kinds of metrics General Quality Strategies and Tools ((400–500 words) Create a comparative table that shows the various definitions, risks, and value of each of the following quality management tactics: Establishing customer expectations Designing quality Defining metrics Mistake-proofing Kaizen Six Sigma If there are other tactics you would prefer to address, feel free to switch out up to two of the above with others you find Quality Tactics and the Logistics and Supply Chain Functions ( (300–400 words) Identify what tools are applicable internally and why Identify and explain what tools are applicable externally with vendors Include your cited references from three new sources Roll-Out (Describe the process of rolling out this new company-wide quality initiative. Pay specific attention to the logistics and supply chain management functions. Include the following: 300-400 words A communication plan Recommended sequence of steps to get personnel trained Stakeholders on board (e.g., the vendor base, trucking companies, warehouse personnel

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