QUESTION 1Considered the brain of the computerGPUCPURAMHDD4

QUESTION 1Considered the brain of the computerGPUCPURAMHDD4 points QUESTION 2Abstracts a program’s various tasks or function into separate “modules” of reusable code.ModularizationCode blocksSubroutinesFlowcharts4 points QUESTION 3Scope is defined the same way in all programming languages. True False4 points QUESTION 4In structured programming, which of the following is NOT one of the three basic structures?LoopDecisionsequencesyntax4 points QUESTION 5A loop can also be known as aDecisionSequenceIterationStructure4 points QUESTION 6Serves the same purpose as a list, but is considered less flexible.IterationArraysFlowchartCode4 points QUESTION 7This concept uses the three primary programming structures and logic development strategies that create well organized, easy to read, and easy to understand program code.Unstructured ProgrammingFlowchartPseudocodeStructured Programming4 points QUESTION 8Loops are similar to decisions in that they have a condition statement which evaluates to a TRUE or FALSE value. True False4 points QUESTION 9The Python Framework does inform you where an error occurred. True False4 points QUESTION 10Write a Python program that accepts a numeric value from the user and prints the number starting from 0 up to the user’s value.4 points QUESTION 11Used to define the scope in Python{ }subindentation( )4 points QUESTION 12This programing element begins with the keyword def.variablesfunctionskeywordslists4 points QUESTION 13When does python limit access to global variables/objects from within a scope?When there is the presence of a newly created local variable with the same name as a global variable.When there is the presence of a newly created local variable with a different name than the global variable.When there are no new variables.When there is the presence of any newly created variable.4 points QUESTION 14Used to pass one or multiple values into a function for processing.Global variableCode blockReturnParameter list4 points QUESTION 15Without lists and other collection objects such as arrays, vectors, and dictionaries, the processing capability of our programs would be greatly improved. True False4 points QUESTION 16One of the three programming structures that will choose one of two paths of execution based on the results of a true/false question:SequenceIterationLoopDecision4 points QUESTION 17Because lists are sequences, indexing and slicing work the same way for lists as they do for strings. True False4 points QUESTION 18Which is the following is true about structured programmingEach structure should have one entry point, but can have multiple exit pointsEach structure can have multiple entry points, but only one exit pointEach structure has no limit on the number of the entry points and exit pointsEach structure should have one entry point and one exit point4 points QUESTION 19____ within a list are identified by an index number, placed within square brackets after the name of the list. For example:DecisionsItemsElementsCode4 points QUESTION 20What does the following comparison operator mean ==Equal toApproximatelyGreater thanNot Equal4 points QUESTION 21Boolean expressions are only true True False4 points QUESTION 22Programming method for solving a problem by solving a smaller version of the same problem repeatedly.RepetitionProblem SolvingDebuggingRecursion4 points QUESTION 23Any problem that can be solved with recursion could be re-implemented with loops. True False4 points QUESTION 24Component to a function used to get output directly from a function.foroutputreturnprint4 points QUESTION 25Define a Python list for the days of the week, and then use a loop (while or for) to print that list.

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