Randi RE What Marketing Means to You Marketing isusing diff

Randi RE: What Marketing Means to You Marketing isusing different methods to sell a product or seek the attentionof consumers with the hopes of gaining more. So, say I amusing Facebook as a way to market my home business(hypothetically speaking). I sell soaps and want to broadcast itusing that particular social media site. WithinFacebook alone are different strands of marketing I willattempt to try. Some people like pictures, some likefeeling connected to a business and or productthrough messages and a more personal delivery. I can leavemy phone number, my email, and directly talk to and see what othersare saying about myself and my products. Marketing is this broad feature absolutely anyone cannow use on in the hopes of broadcasting their company or product. I do not own my businesses, but I am always on the hunt forsome great marketing to reel me in and lock me into their vision. I just foundsomeone last week whose Instagram page I fell in love with. I have been researchingabout dieting, cutting, bulking, protein, calories and so muchmore, without any hopes of feeling like I understood anything that Iwas reading. So, after stumbling across this random man’s page, I was almost instantly drawn in. Within his, Instagram lied numerous posts abouthow to lose weight and eat right. Why is this any different from the others youask? Simple. He was able to speak to me through design. Apparently, when it comes to health, I need to be taught with lots of big,colorful words, and pictures. He was able to graspmy unknowledgeable and almost childlike attention throughhis delivery method. Right before me was everything I needed to know, but in aform, that spoke to my mind and eyes and with words I couldfinally understand. He sold me, and I am super excited about it!It’s incredible how the delivery methods on his page could pull me inas quickly as it did.

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