1: The Study of Business, Government and Society

2: The Dynamic Environment

3: Business Power

4: Critics of Business

5: Corporate Social Responsibility

6: Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility


After reading the following cases, answer the pertaining questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS (not Wikipedia’s, not via another classmate’s – and when using ANY other source, including the textbook, you must cite it). Include one brief paragraph per question. 

PART 1 – 40 points

Ch 1: Exxon

Ch 2: Royal Dutch Shell, American Fur

Ch 3: Rockefeller & Std. Oil

1. Character – Describe Rockefeller’s background, climb to success and his leadership style.

2. Vertical Integration – What is it and how did Rockefeller apply it?

3. Anti-Trust – State why he was forced into breaking up his oil company and wearing your CEO hat, whether or not you think this was the right thing for the government to force him to do.

4. Ethics – List at least 3 distinct ways in which Astor acted immorally while building his fur business.

PART 2 – 10 Points

Ch 3 Duke & the American Tobacco Company

10 pts. 5. Marketing – List all the ways (at least 6, distinct) in which Duke revolutionized the business of marketing as applying to tobacco and how what he revolutionized is being utilized in practice by grocery stores today – not just tobacco but for consumer packaged goods in general.

PART 3 – 15 Points

Ch 4 KFC

Ch 6 Nike

6. Social Responsibility – Who do you think is in the right, Kasky and PETA or KFC and Nike? Defend your argument.

7. Corporate Profits – Read the “new” Code of Conduct for both companies (in blue blocks in the textbook) and after going thru the lists on each, state in what way either firm will begin to behave differently.

PART 4 – 10 Points

Ch 4 Jack Welch

8. Performance Measures – Wearing your CEO hat, name at least 4 ways in which the performance measures Welch set up in GE helped the company. Do you think these were good ideas?

REMINDERS (for all assignments)

1. Write down your own ideas, anchored in evidence. I want to hear your voice.

2. Be specific! Avoid redundancy and generalities/vague answers.

3. Cite ALL sources used (urls ok to use)

4. Comment, thoughtfully, on at least 6 other student posts

5. Since the full assignment is due on Sunday, and everyone has to comment on their fellow peers’ work (75 points of the 150 possible), aim to have the above questions posted by Friday. You can also post these in sections as labeled above.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your work!