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GED 120 Introduction to Humanities Welcome to California Coast University. I hope you will find this course interesting and useful throughout your career. This course was designed to meet the unique needs of students like you who are both highly motivated and capable of completing a degree program through distance learning. Our faculty and administration […]

Plant Growth With and Without Added Nutrients 

Custom Lab Manual   UMUC Physical Science NSCI  101/103 © 2012, eScience Labs LLC  All rights reserved ● 888‐375‐5487 3 Table of Contents Custom Lab Manual for Physical Science NSCI 101/103      Lab 1: Introduc on to Science    Lab 2: Types of Forces     Lab 3: Newton’s Laws    Lab 4: Acids & Bases    Lab 5: Chemical Processes        Lab 6: Light    Lab 7: Radioac vity 4 Time and Addi onal Materials Required Time and Addi onal Materials Required for Each Lab Lab 1: Introduc on to Science    o  Time Required: 60 minutes     o  Addi onal Materials Needed: None      Lab 2: Types of Forces    o  Time Required: 60 minutes    o  Addi onal Materials Needed: None      Lab 3: Newton’s Laws    o  Time Required: 60 minutes    o  Addi […]