Reflective Journal Who Am I?—The Journey ContinuesYou beg

Reflective Journal: Who Am I?—The Journey ContinuesYou began your studies of diversity in this course by asking a seemingly simple question: Who Am I? Creating Identities—Creating DiversityFamily Diversity and Culture: Dynamic InteractionValuing Culture: Beyond Surface LabelsDiversity as Challenge: From Biases to ‘-isms’Diversity as a Challenge: Institutional Inequities and ‘-isms’Diversity as Opportunity: Towards Equity and Social Justice, Part 1Each week you revisited your initial answering what ways do the changes you made each week reflect your professional and personal growth?In what ways are you the same as and/or different from 7 weeks ago?In what ways do you relate to diversity today compared to when you started this Reflection Assignment?Considering your increased understanding of diversity, in what ways, if any, would you want to modify any or all of the three professional goals which you articulated in the Reflection Assignment of Week1?Title this assignment: Diversity Profile—Week 7 and complete the following:Write a short essay in which you present a composite of who you are today. Integrate into this essay insights gained as a result of this course and include your original three goals or a revised version.Assignment length: at least 1 page

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