Replay 1 (100)……’In the years 2014 and 2015 the mortalit

Replay 1 (100)……’In the years 2014 and 2015 the mortality rates in Miami-Dade county where 18,846 and 19,395 respectively (CDC, 2017). Data relevant to mortality rates in the county indicates that from the years 2005-2016 the largest ethnic group affected is Hispanic-males with approximately 61,331 deaths in an 11 year span (Florida Department of Health, 2017). The leading cause of death in the year 2015 was heart disease which accounted for approximately 5,299 deaths, followed by malignant neoplasm with 4,199, cerebrovascular diseases with 1,380, chronic lower respiratory diseases with 907, and Alzheimer’s disease with 832 deaths. Other causes of death within the county included: unintentional injury, diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, suicide, cirrhosis, pneumonia, homicide, hypertensive disorders, and septicemia. Miami-Dade matters uses a composite score based on several factors including: poor or fair health, poor physical health days, poor mental health days, and low birthweight to rank the counties in Florida in overall quality of life (2017). Their study indicated that among three rankings: green for good, yellow for fair, and red for poor, Miami-Dade County was given a red rating in regards to overall quality of health. Another concerning morbidity related issue in Miami-Dade county is the obesity rate, with an astounding 67.4% of the total population being considered overweight or obese (CDC, 2017). The CDC indicates that poor diet and lack of physical activity are the main problem within the county, and only 22.1% of adults meet the federal government guidelines for fruit and vegetables consumption…..’____________________________________________________________________________________________Replay to this one: (100 words)Morbidity refers to the state of being diseased or unhealthy within a population, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017).Mortality is the term used for the number of people who died within a population, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017).Based on Florida Health Chart for Miami Dade county in 2013 136 infants died before reaching their first birthday. Infant mortality rate is at 4.8 per 1,000 live births. Between 2003 and 2013 the infant mortality rate in Miami Dade county decline nearly 27%. In 2013: 58% of infant death occurred in the neonatal period and 41.2% occurred in the post neonatal period.In 2006, Miami Dade county’s the rate of perinatal mortality was 7.3 per 1,000 live birth and fetal death, compare with New York that in 2006 had a rate per 1,000 live birth of: Infant mortality of 5.60, Neonatal mortality of 3.91, and Post Neonatal mortality of 1.69. Miami-Dade has a higher rate.In United States some of the leading causes of infant deaths include birth defect, premature, low birthweight, maternal complication of pregnancy, sudden infant death syndrome and respiratory distress.To compare the rate of Infant death in different cities in Florida I found the following information:FloridaPer 1,000 live birth in 2015 deathCityRateAlachua6.9Baker11.9Bradford17.0Broward5.4Clay4.9Miami-Dade4.8Ney York.Infant Mortality Rate Per 1,000 Live BirthStateYearYearYearYearNew York2009201020112012Infant Mortality5. Mortality3.673.543.483.37Post Neonatal Mortality1.611.501.531.59Another disease of mortality and morbidity was AIDS The statistic of death from 2012 to 2015 in compare for the rest of state of Florida Alachua have an increase on rate.YearAlachua(Rate)Florida(Rate)201511.411.2201413.211.7201310.915.220124.915.0AIDS Death Cases Per 100,00 population in 2015. Here I can see how Miami-Dade has the higher rate.Florida11.2Broward15.6Alachua11.4Clay3.0Baker0.0Miami-Dade17.8Bradford0.0

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