Research Project GuidelinesTask To compose a biography of

Research Project Guidelines:Task: To compose a biography of a rock artist, or band with specific parameters that youmight be given if your bio were to be published in Rolling Stone, or a similar magazine.A. Source Material: You are required to use at least two credible websites to source theinformation for your biography. You will need to use an additional website to sourceand cite a photograph of your rock ‘n’ roll artist, or band. (minimum 3 sources!)B. BIOGRAPHY: Select a rock ‘n’ roll band, or solo artist (not a DJ!) and, in yourown words write a biography. You must use at least two credible websites to sourcethe information for each of the points listed in the criteria below to include in yourbio. Your bio must be a minimum of 400 words, and no longer than 600 words toreplicate what you might read in a popular music magazine. Your bio must readsmoothly (not just a list of points) and promote the style of a popular music magazine.Consider me the editor deciding whether, or not, to publish your submitted biography.Biography Criteria (45 points) – Your bio MUST include:1. The name of your chosen band, or artist on a title page. (1)2. A photograph of your chosen band, or artist on the title page. (2)3. Where your band / artist is from? (6) Be sure to include:(a) city/town,(b) state, and(c) country4. List (a) the official members of the band and (b) the instrument they each play? (4)5. What year did your band, or artist form as a musical entity? (2)6. Provide a general overview of your band / artist including their genre. (10)7. What was/is (a) the most popular period for your band / artist? And (b) why? (4)8. Provide career highlights and details of 2 charting singles, or albums. (6)9. Provide an anecdote (i.e: not a commonly known fact) about your band / artist. (3)10. In one to two sentences explain why you chose this band, or artist to research. (3)Please note: To be published (earn a grade), I need at least 400 words, but I cannot printmore than 600! Projects failing to meet the minimum criteria will not earn any points.C. BIBLIOGRAPHY (5 points)Create a bibliography for the online sources (including photograph) you used tocompose your bio. The style of bibliography (MLA, APA, or Chicago) is up to you.However, you MUST include the hyperlinks to the pages you sourced your information.Credible sources: It is important when locating information on the Internet that youuse credible sources. How do you determine if a website is credible? UNLVLibrarians John Watts and Kate Lambaria have prepared a guide specifically for ourclass: Submit your Project: Make sure your name, section and instructor appear on thetitle page and upload your project in PDF format to the rock website, located in the“Assignments” tab, “research project” link by 11:59pm Monday June 26. (4)

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