Research the social realists who worked under the FSA progra

Research the social realists who worked under the FSA programduring the Great Depression. Write an essay in your own words that addressesthe points below: 1. Describe a little about the FSA program. 2. Find a socialdocumentary photograph from an FSA photographer that you research the socialrealists who worked under the FSA program during the Great Depression. Write a 750 wordessay in your own words APA format, at least 3 references that addresses the points below:1.Describe a little about the FSAprogram. 2. Find a social documentary photograph from an FSA photographer thatyou believe expresses the hardships faced during this decade. o Briefly tell the reader about thephotographer you selected and the context within which he or she is workingo Identify the photograph (title,date, etc.), then and analyze the work you’ve selected. Describe the subjectmatter, emotion and the meaning you take away from viewing this work. Explainwhy you selected this work.

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