Respond to the following discussion questions using 100 to 1

Respond to the following discussion questions using 100 to 150 words only each.1-Raquel Perez,Why you selected this topic?I selected this topic not only because it caught my curiosity, but also because as a student nurse I always try to find new medical research information to assist in increasing my knowledge base. The article is about how a rare condition that causes paralysis, called Acute Flaccid Myelitis, is mostly targeting children.Why is “Public Health” keeping track of such things?I believe public health is keeping track of such articles about new increasing disease process, because by being aware they can alert the communities which they serve. When new information becomes available, it allows public health servants to share it with the population or areas in which they serve.How has epidemiology contributed in this case?Epidemiology has contributed in this case by actively investigating each case really close and determining why the increase in cases and what exactly is causing it. Among the many areas of investigation, they are puzzled as to why only children are coming down with it.How might this information be relevant to you personally/professionally?This information is relevant to me both personally and professionally. On a personal basis, I would like to know what exactly is causing and what are the symptoms, in case any of the children in my family or friends circle, acquire it. Professionally, by knowing the exact signs and symptoms it can help me diagnose a child, who might be very sick without knowing the exact cause.How does any of this tie into this week’s studies?This particular article ties in perfectly with this week’s studies. We are learning about the effectiveness of diagnostic and screening tests. The article specifically states, “Scientists at the CDC are testing blood, nose, respiratory, and spinal cord specimens from patients to learn more and try to identify the source.” (Marcus, 2016)._____________________________________________________________________________________2- Sofia Muller,Why I selected this topic area:I selected this article because it interested me to know how safe it is to drink our tap water and if it is tested as it should be. Reading this article, I learned that the drinking water of nearly 1 in 4 Americans comes from untested or contaminated systems.Why is “Public Health” keeping track of such things?Public health is keeping track of such thing because, everyone deserves clean water and according to the CDC contaminated water can lead to many health related issues such as gastrointestinal illness, neurological and reproductive disorders.How has epidemiology contributed in this case?Epidemiology contributes in this study to make sure the water is testes as it should be in order to prevent water born infections and keep people safe.How might this information be relevant to you personally/professionally?Personally this information is relevant to me because I do consume tap water sometimes and it is important to keep up to date on how safe is it to actually drink it. Professionally this information is relevant because as a future nurse encouraging fluids to our patients, unless contraindicated, is important and it will also be important to remind them to keep up with any drinking water advisories in order to prevent health issues related to water contamination.How does any of this tie into this week’s studies?This article ties into this week’s studies because we are discussing screening test and even though this test is not directly performed to people, the screening talked about in this articles is screening done to our tap water which is performed in ordered to test the water for possible contaminants that could potentially cause sickness in people.References:Crystal clear: Assuring our water is safe. (n.d.). Retrieved June 26, 2017,from Water. (2014, April 07). Retrieved June 26, 2017,from TruebaThe site I used was Public Health Newswire, I thoughit was well put together and have current information. I came across an article related to SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome is a devastating but real syndrome, many families lose their infants to this. The name of the article is ‘The Nation’s Health: Updated recommendations aimed at keeping infants safe from SIDS’ and at as it says in the tittle recommendations were updated in 2016 for a safe infant environment. The American Academy of Pediatrics released a new policy statement which covers preventive measures and new research that may help reduce sleep-related risks to infants (Halberg, 2017). There are about 2,500 child deaths annually, reported by the CDC. This is something which is devastating; I personally know someone who lost her infant at 3 months from SIDS, itgood to see they are working on ways to help reduce these incidences. The epidemiology of SIDS is finding risk factors and how they contribute to this horrible syndrome. This is relevant to me because in the future I would like to have more children and finding ways to prevent this from possibly happening to one of my infants, also being in the nursing field, it is important to be able to provide adequate and factual teachings. This syndrome does not have any diagnostic testing, therefore it is not completely related, but it is definitely related to epidemiology.Halberg, S. (2017, January 30). The Nation’s Health: Updated recommendations aimed at keeping infants safe from SIDS. Retrieved June 26, 2017, from

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