Respond to the post by challenging their ideas for incorpora

Respond to the post by challenging their ideas for incorporating more play into a young child’s day. Discuss any issues or concerns you see that might make their ideas difficult to implement. Offer suggestions for how your peers can modify their ideas so that they could be more readily implemented. 5 sentences or more.The Importance of PlaySocial and Emotional DevelopmentPlay is important for children for their social and emotional development. During the time that children are playing they are increasing their social competence and emotional maturity level. When children develop their social and emotional health they will:Practice both verbal and nonverbal communication skills by negotiating roles, trying to gain access to ongoing play, and appreciating the feelings of others (Spodek & Saracho, 1998).Respond to their peers’ feelings while waiting for their turn and sharing materials and experiences (Sapon-Shevin, Dobbelgere, Carrigan, Goodman, & Mastin, 1998; Wheeler, 2004).Experiment with roles of the people in their home, school, and community by coming into contact with the needs and wishes of others (Creasey, Jarvis, & Berk, 1998; Wheeler, 2004).Physical DevelopmentPlay time also contribute to the children physical development. Children are able to define their gross motor development and body awareness as they are actively using their bodies. Learning to use a pencil or a marker is a tool that is use for development of the motor skills for children. When children first began to learn an active it for fun or just for joy of doing something. For example when a child learns to hop they do it for fun then when they get of age they began using hopping as a game or activity to play with other children.Creative DevelopmentWhen children are playing they are behaving as creative writers that have a wide imagination when they are playing others. They create a world where they can use their imagination to do whatever.The play context is ideal for supporting children’s creative and imaginative thought because it offers a risk-free environment. Research supports the notion that play and creative thought are related behaviors because they both rely on children’s ability to use symbols (Johnson, Christie, et al., 1999; Singer & Singer, 1998; Spodek & Saracho, 1998). Jerome and Dorothy Singer (1985, 1998) describe the ability to engage in make-believe as essential to children’s developing the ability to create internal imagery, stimulate curiosity, and experiment with alternative responses to different situations. This capacity, practiced in play settings, enhances children’s ability to engage successfully in new situations.No I do not think children get enough play time. Play time should not be enforce in schools but also in the home of the children as well. They should be able to share with parents and play with their siblings as well. Children in my opinion needs more play time.London Burough of Hounslow. (2010). The importance of play (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.[Video file]. Retrieved from

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